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Research Fields

Research at THEMA falls within six main fields :

Field 1 : Microeconomic theory

Members : Gorkem Celik, Eric Danan, Gabriel Desgranges, Anastasios Dosis, Fabian Gouret, Alessandro Ispano, Mathieu Martin, Marius Ochea-Ionut, Marcus Pivato, Jérôme Pouyet, Régis Renault, Thomas Tregouët, Peter Vida.

This field comprises decision theory, the theory of social choice and social welfare, game theory, and the applications of game theory in microeconomics.

Field 2 : Applied microeconomics

Members : Pierre André, Pascal Belan, Thomas Brodaty, Maëlys de la Rupelle, André de Palma, Eric Delattre, Olivier Donni, Laurence Jacquet, Karine Lamiraud, Arnaud Lefranc, Stefania Marcassa.

This field comprises the economics of the family, the economics of inequality and the economics of taxation.

Field 3 : Macroeconomics and international trade

Members : Frédérique Bec, Giuseppe Berlingieri, Sara Biancini, Pamela Bombarda, Olivier Charlot, André Fourçans, Rodrigo Paillacar, Agustin Pérez Barahona, Estefania Santacreu-Vasut, Thepthida Sopraseuth, Cristina Terra, Radu Vranceanu.

This field comprises international trade, international macroeconomics, closed-economy macroeconomics, institutions and public policy.

Field 4 : Risk and finance

Members : Michel Baroni, Mondher Bellalah, Annie Bellier, François Belot, Patricia Charlety, Simon Gueguen, Tristan Guillaume, Andréas Heinen, William Kengne, Patricia Langohr, Jocelyn Martel, Gulten Mero, Jean-Luc Prigent.

This field encompasses both empirical and theoretical work in four main domains : market finance, microeconomics of financial markets, corporate finance and real estate.

Field 5 : Marketing and management

Members : Magali Ayache, Salim Azar, Linda Benfekih Aissi, Inès Chouk, Eric de Lapersonne, Aida Mimouni-Chaabane, Elisa Monnot, Benoît Roux.

Research in marketing builds around 3 axes : 1. Improving company’s efficiency through brand and communication strategies and customer relationship management ; 2. Studying the psychological drivers of consumer behavior ; 3. Exploring the most relevant issues related to the society such as ecology, ethics, social marketing and the paradigmatic changes.
Research in Management focuses on organizational and decision-making operations in the context of change and innovation.

Field 6 : History of economic thought

Members : Alain Béraud, Jean-Baptiste Fleury.

Three recurrent themes in this field are : the development of modern economic science, the links between production and diffusion of economic knowledge, the influence of politics on economic analysis.