Master 2 EA : Career opportunities

The Master 2 in Economic Analysis offers a number of alternative careers. Among the several options, there are the large international institutions (European Commission, European Central Bank, OECD, IMF, World Bank, WTO, ILO, BIS, Regional Development Banks, etc.), which recruit students at Research Master level. French and foreign governments are also an outlet. Finally, the private sector, in particular the financial sector, is another option, since economists are capable of guiding major strategic choices.

Finally, the students most interested in academic research may continue into the PhD program to be able to pursue a career in universities, research institutions (CNRS, INRA, OFCE, etc..) or in Business Schools in France or abroad. The Master prepare students to follow a doctoral program in economics, in the fields of industrial organization, international economics, public economics, environmental economics, labor economics, development economics, macro and microeconomics. Students pursuing a PhD will be part of THEMA. They may also apply to the "Ph.D. in Economics", which is a program in partnership between ESSEC and CY Cergy Paris Université. The Master 2 corresponds to the first of the 2 years of courses within the PhD program. After that, the student’s time is devoted to the thesis research.

60% of M2 EA graduates continue in Ph.D. (several apply for the CY doctoral program and 2nd year of the ESSEC PhD), 20% join the private sector (mainly in banks, insurance companies and consulting e.g., BNP-Paribas, Deloitte, Société Générale, 3M), 10% join the public and semi-public sector (e.g. French and foreign Ministries) and 10% national and international organization (e.g., Central Banks, FAO, World Bank).