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Majlinda JOXHE - University of Luxembourg

Majlinda Joxhe (University of Luxembourg) will present "The Effects of Twin Testosterone Transfer (TTT) on Females’ Schooling and Earnings : Evidence from Longitudinal Data"

Abstract :
As commonly described in human biology, the PTT (Prenatal Testosterone Transfer) is somehow responsible for the masculinization of the genitals and the brain structure formation of the fetus. Mono-zygote female twins are less exposed to testosterone than those who have shared the 6 weeks of their fetus life with a male twin. The PTT hence, may determine to females with the opposite sex twin, different innate “abilities” that might influence IQ and performance. In this paper, I compare female twins vs female-male twins by employing longitudinal data from the Add Health Survey and use the TTT (Twin Testosterone Transfer) as identification strategy. Using individual, family, school and neighborhood information, I show that the net effects of TTT with respect to the school performance on the opposite-sex female twin are not significant. Instead, I find significant effects of TTT on the probability of completing high school or college. Furthermore, I show that TTT may decrease long-time earnings of the females twins thus, may contribute negatively in shrinking the gender wage gap.

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