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Ravi Seshadri - Technical University of Denmark

Ravi Seshadri (Department of Technology, Management and Economics ; Technical University of Denmark, DTU) will present "Predictive Distance-Based Road Pricing"

Abstract :
Recent advances in Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) technology have led to increasing interest in distance- or usage-based road pricing as an alternative to traditional facility-, cordon- and area-based pricing that typically rely on fixed infrastructure. This talk will describe the use feature-variant clustering methods (based on speed and marginal link costs), as a systematic approach for tolling zone definition to operationalize distance-based tolling schemes. A framework is developed for predictive distance-based toll optimization where for a specific tolling zone definition, tolling function parameters are optimized using a simulation-based Dynamic Traffic Assignment (DTA) model operating within a rolling horizon scheme. Experiments on the Singapore expressway network examine the performance of the proposed distance-based schemes relative to fixed and adaptive cordon-based schemes.

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