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Nathalie PICARD - BETA, Université de Strasbourg

Nathalie Picard (BETA, Université de Strasbourg) will present "The research program AFFINITE : Contents, objectives and collaboration opportunities"

Abstract :
AFFINITE aims at analyzing and measuring the interactions between individuals, families, stakeholders and the State in the context of environmental policies. We elaborate a tool to assess the impact of various environmental policies : reduction in the number of trips, smart modal choice, use of cleaner vehicles and better location of economic activities and housing. Our objectives are : 1. Construct an integrated framework to address consistently individual and household decision trees ; 2. Estimate a model using Ile-de-France disaggregate / aggregate data ; 3. Evaluate the environmental and energy impacts of urban and transport policies.
Decisions makers adjust their behaviors in the short run (mode choice), medium run (residential and job choices) and long run (real estate investment and automobile ownership). Our comprehensive setting allows to study within family impacts of public policies on equity, and the aggregated impacts of congestion, pollution, and energy.