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Feixiong Liao - Eindhoven University of Technology

Feixiong Liao (Eindhoven University of Technology) will present "Recent Progress in Multi-State Supernetwork Modeling for Travel Demand Analysis"

Abstract :
This talk includes three model extensions developed with co-workers centered at multi-state supernetwork modeling for travel demand analysis. Motivated by the potentially large share of shared autonomous vehicles (SAVs) in the future, the first topic concerns an activity-based bi-level system optimal model inclusive of a hub-based relocation strategy to moderate the supply and demand of SAVs. To address the difficulty of scalability in the family of dynamic activity-travel assignment (DATA) models, the second topic discusses an improved column generation algorithm for speeding-up DATA. The algorithm adopts a varied temporal resolution scheme, combining exploration and exploitation strategies. The third model extension is about a new framework of a dynamical activity-travel rational adjustment process in multi-state supernetworks based on a needs-based theory. This formalism aims to offer appealing explanations for day-to-day traffic dynamics and equilibria.