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How to get to THEMA

Address :

CY Cergy Paris Université
33, Boulevard du Port
95011 Cergy-Pontoise Cedex FRANCE

How to get to THEMA :

From Paris to THEMA with RER A

o Take the RER line A in direction to Cergy-Le Haut. (Please, find below the itinerary of this line.) There is a train every 10 minutes, approximately. You should buy your ticket to Cergy-Prefecture when you enter the Metro.

o Get off at the station Cergy-Préfecture (it takes approx. 45 minutes from the center of Paris).

o After going through the revolving gates at the station, take the escalator that is on your right. Once at the top, walk straight ahead and you should get to a passage underneath a building (between a bank and a bakery). You will get to a small square, where there is another passage on the opposite side between a coffee place and a fish shop. Go through that passage and then you get to a parking lot. Cross that parking lot, then a street (boulevard du Port) and then another parking lot, you will arrive at a large pedestrian bridge that is striped in black and white. (Please, see note “passerelle” on the map below.) The University is on the other side. Head to the building “chênes 1” (see map below). Go through the doors where there is "ACCUEIL" written. You can either call us directly or ask someone at the Accueil to do so, and we will come to fetch you.

From the airport Roissy-Charles de Gaulle to THEMA with the bus :

Go to the bus station (RoissyPole Gare) located between Terminal 1 and 3. Take the Bus 95-18 to Cergy-Préfecture. The cost is 2 euros and it takes approximately 45 minutes to reach Cergy-Préfecture station. Here is the timetable for line 95-18 :


o Administration Office : 01 34 25 60 63