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  • Mandatory employee board representation : Good news for family firms ? Belot François, Timothée Waxin , International review of law and economics, 71 , 2022

  • Consumer logistics : a systematic literature review Monnot Elisa, F. Reniou, A. Rouquet , Supply Chain Forum: An International Journal, Forthcoming , 2022

  • Dynamic connectedness and optimal hedging strategy among commodities and financial indices Prigent Jean-Luc, Néjib Hachira, Amine Ben Amar, Ikrame Ben Slimane, Makram Bellalah , International review of financial analysis, 83 , 2022

  • Performance participation strategies : OBPP versus CPPP Prigent Jean-Luc, Philippe Bertrand , Finance, Presses universitaires de Grenoble, 43 (1), p.123-150, 2022

  • Comprendre les spécificités de la distribution en vrac pour adapter le retailing mix : apport des théories des pratiques Monnot Elisa, M. Daniel-Chever, F. Reniou, L. Sirieix , Décisions marketing, 106 (2), p.91-116, 2022

  • An overview of effects of COVID-19 on mobility and lifestyle : 18 months since the outbreak De Palma André, Shaghayegh Vosough, Feixiong Liao , Transportation research a, 2022

  • The Kendall and Spearman Rank Correlations of the Bivariate Skew Normal Distribution Heinen Andréas, Valdesogo Alfonso , Scandinavian journal of statistics, Forthcoming , 2022

  • Timing the Size Risk Premia Mero Gulten, S. Darolles, G. Le Fol , Finance, forthcoming , 2022

  • A characterization of Cesàro average utility Pivato Marcus, Journal of economic theory, Forthcoming , 2022

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