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  • An overview of effects of COVID-19 on mobility and lifestyle : 18 months since the outbreak De Palma André, Shaghayegh Vosough, Feixiong Liao , Transportation research a, 2022

  • The Kendall and Spearman Rank Correlations of the Bivariate Skew Normal Distribution Heinen Andréas, Valdesogo Alfonso , Scandinavian journal of statistics, Forthcoming , 2022

  • Timing the Size Risk Premia Mero Gulten, S. Darolles, G. Le Fol , Finance, forthcoming , 2022

  • A characterization of Cesàro average utility Pivato Marcus, Journal of economic theory, Forthcoming , 2022

  • Earnings quality in private SMEs : do CEO demographics matter ? Belot François, Stéphanie Serve , Journal of small business management, 56 (S1) , p.323-344, 2018

  • Family control, stock price levels, and stock split activity Belot François, Timothée Waxin , Finance, 42 (1) , p.155-219, 2021

  • Influence of dynamic congestion with scheduling preferences on carpooling matching with heterogeneous users De Palma André, P. Stokkink, N. Geroliminis , Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, 155 , p.479-498, 2022

  • La propension du client à éviter de demander assistance : conceptualisation et développement d’une échelle Sanglé-Ferrière Marion , M. & Voyer, B.G. , Recherche et applications en marketing, Online first , 2021

  • Bayesian social aggregation with accumulating evidence Pivato Marcus, Journal of economic theory, 200 , 2022

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