Pérez Barahona Agustin

Professeur UCP
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Bureau: B141
Mail: agustin.perez-barahona@cyu.fr
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Tel: +33 1 34 25 60 25

CY Cergy Paris Université - THEMA - 33, boulevard du Port
Cergy Pontoise Cedex


  • Transmission of natural disasters to the banking sector : Evidence from thirty years of tropical storms in the Caribbean Pérez Barahona Agustin, M., P. Mohan, E. Strobl , Journal of international money and finance, Forthcoming , 2023
  • The diffusion of economic activity across space : a new approach Pérez Barahona Agustin, C. Camacho , Macroeconomic dynamics, 25 (6), p.1-48, 2021
  • The Effectiveness of Protecting Species Through Legislation : The Case of Sea Turtle Lighting Ordinances Pérez Barahona Agustin, M. Brei, E. Strobl , American journal of agricultural economics, 102 (1), p.300-328, 2020
  • The dynamic interaction between tourism and environmental quality Pérez Barahona Agustin, O. Ouattara , Journal of public economic theory, 2019
  • The geography of economic migration Pérez Barahona Agustin, C. Camacho , Mathematical Modelling of Natural Phenomena, 14 (1), 2019
  • The dynamic implications of energy-intensive capital accumulation Pérez Barahona Agustin, Burcu F., Saglam C. , Environmental and resource economics, Forthcoming , 2018
  • Environmental Pollution and Biodiversity : Light Pollution and Sea Turtles in the Caribbean Pérez Barahona Agustin, Brei M., Strobl E. , Journal of environmental economics and management, 77 , p.96-116, 2016
  • Land use change and the environment : a spatial dynamics approach Pérez Barahona Agustin, Camacho C. , Journal of economic dynamics and control, 52 , p.96-118, 2015
  • The intergenerational transmission of non-communicable chronic diseases Pérez Barahona Agustin, Goulao C. , Journal of public economic theory, 16 (3), p.467-490, 2014

Contribution à un livre

  • Population and the environment : the role of fertility, education and life expectancy Pérez Barahona Agustin, F. Mariani, N. Raffin , Human Capital and Economic Growth: The Impact of Health, Education and Demographic Change, A. Bucci, K. Prettner and A. Prskawetz (Eds.), Palgrave-MacMillan, 2019