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Health Economics and Applied Econometrics
Competition and Consumer choices in Health Insurance Markets
Valuation Methods of Health Care Strategies
Health Economics in Developing Countries
Economics of HIV/AIDS
Diffusion and Costs of Health Technologies


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  • Association of education and receiving social transfers with allostatic load in the Swiss population-based CoLaus study Lamiraud Karine , E. Nicod, S. Stringhini, P. Marques-Vidal, F. Paccaud, G. Waeber, P. Vollenweider, M. Bochud , Preventive Medicine, 63 , p.63-71, 2014
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  • The effect of non-medical factors on variations in the performance of colonoscopy among different health care settings Lamiraud Karine , Holly A., Burnand B., Juilerat P., Wietlisbach V., Froehlich F., Gonvers JJ., Vader JP , Medical care, 48 , p.101?109, 2010

Contribution à un livre

  • Switching Costs in Competitive Health Insurance Markets Lamiraud Karine , Encyclopedia of Health Economics, Vol 3, p.375-381, Anthony J. Culyer (ed.), 2014
  • Does Poor Childhood Health Explain Increased Health Care Utilisation and Payments in Middle and Old Age ? Lamiraud Karine , Moschetti K., O'donnell O., Holly Alberto , The Individual and the Welfare State, Berlin: Springer, 2011
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