Heinen Andréas

Professeur UCP
Membre permanent


Bureau: C146
Mail: andreas.heinen@cyu.fr
Tel: +33 1 34 25 62 54

CY Cergy Paris Université - THEMA - 33, boulevard du Port
Cergy Pontoise Cedex


Économétrie, Finance


  • Spearman rank correlation of the bivariate Student t and scale mixtures of normal distributions Heinen Andréas, Journal of multivariate analysis, Forthcoming , 2020
  • Spatial Dependence in Subprime Mortgage Defaults Heinen Andréas, James B. Kau, Donald C. Keenan, Mi Lim Kim , Journal of real estate finance and economics, p.1–24, 2019
  • The Price Impact of Extreme Weather in Developing Countries Heinen Andréas, Jeetendra Khadan, Eric Strobl , Economic journal, Forthcoming , 2018
  • Competition, Loan Rates and Information Dispersion in Nonprofit and For-profit Microcredit Markets Heinen Andréas, Guillermo Baquero, Malika Hamadi , Journal of Money Credit and Banking, Forthcoming , 2018
  • Does Basel II Affect the Market Valuation of Discretionary Loan Loss Provisions ? Heinen Andréas, Malika Hamadi, Stefan Linder, Vlad-Andrei Porumb , Journal of banking and finance, 70 , p.177–192, 2016
  • Firm Performance when Ownership is very Concentrated : Evidence from a Semiparametric Panel Heinen Andréas, Malika Hamadi , Journal of Empirical Finance, 34 , p.172-194, 2015
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  • A Comment on Bond Risk, Bond Return Volatility, and the Term Structure of Interest Rates Heinen Andréas, International journal of forecasting, 28 , p.118-120, 2012
  • Public News Announcements and Quoting Activity in the Euro/Dollar Foreign Exchange Market Heinen Andréas, Walid Ben Omrane , Computational statistics & data analysis, 54 , p.2419-2431, 2010
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Contribution à un livre

  • Copula-based Volatility Models Heinen Andréas, Valdesogo, Alfonso , Volatility Models and their Applications, Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, 2012
  • A Dynamic D-vine model Heinen Andréas, Valdesogo, Alfonso , Dependence Modeling: Handbook of Vine Copula Methods, World Scientific Publishing Company, 2010