Chapelle Guillaume

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Bureau: C243
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Tel: +33 1 34 25 22 77

CY Cergy Paris Université - THEMA - 33, boulevard du Port
95011 Cergy-Pontoise Cedex


Urban and housing economics, transport, taxation and public policy evaluation.
Developing and teaching Python Based solutions in order to produce and manage new datasets for economists and social scientists


  • An urban labor market with frictional housing markets : Theory and an application to the Paris urban area Chapelle Guillaume, Wasmer, E. and Bono, P-H. , Journal of economic geography, Volume 21, Issue 1 , p.97–126, 2021
  • Land is back, it should be taxed, it can be taxed Chapelle Guillaume, Bonnet, O., Trannoy, A., and Wasmer, E. , European economic review, Volume 134 , 2021

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