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Les Dernières contributions à un livre publiés :

  • Gary S. Becker Fleury Jean-Baptiste, Encyclopedia of Law and Economics, edited by Jürgen Backhaus, Springer, 2017

  • Order, Coordination, and Collective Action among the Undead Fleury Jean-Baptiste, Alain Marciano , Economics of the Undead: Zombies, Vampires, and the Dismal Science, edited by Glen Whitman and James Dow. London: Rowman and Littlefield, 2014

  • Anticipations et équilibres Desgranges Gabriel, Bernard Walliser , Economie et cognition, Ophrys/MSH, 2008

  • Taking the low road : the political economy of household services in Europe Carbonnier Clément, Nathalie Morel , The political economy of household services in Europe, Chapitre 1, Plagrave MacMillan, Basingstoke, 2015

  • Job creation, public cost and distributive profile of tax allowances for household services in France Carbonnier Clément, Nathalie Morel , The political economy of household services in Europe, Chapitre 12, Plagrave MacMillan, Basingstoke, 2015

  • Les marques, des ‘sujets’ dotés d’une ‘sexualité’ : vers une compréhension des associations sexuelles à la marque Azar Salim, Editions Universitaires Européennes, Sarrebruck, -0001

  • Brand Masculinity or Brand Masculinities ? Toward a new Brand-Typology, In George Christodoulides, Cleopatra Veloutsou, Colin Jevons, Leslie de Chernatony and Nicolas Papadopoulos (eds.), Contemporary Issues in Brand Research Azar Salim, Darpy D. , Contemporary Issues in Brand Research, p.81-90, Athens Institute for Education and Research, Athens, 2010

  • Social Preference and Social Welfare Under Risk and Uncertainty Pivato Marcus, Philippe Mongin , Handbook of Well-being and Public Policy, 24, p.711-745, Oxford University Press, 2016

  • Urban sustainability and individual/household well-being Picard Nathalie, C. Antoniou , Ch. 5, A. Michelangeli Ed., Routledge, 2015

  • Discrete Choice Decision-Making with Multiple Decision Makers within the Household Picard Nathalie, A. de Palma, I. Inoa , Handbook of Choice Modelling, Chapitre 16, p. 363-382 , Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd, 2014

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Les Derniers articles publiés

  • Money and Monetary Policy in the Eurozone : An Empirical Analysis During Crises Fourçans André, J. Benchimol , Macroeconomic dynamics, 20 (2), p.1-31, 2016

  • Privatization and output behavior during the transition : Methods matter ! Gouret Fabian, Journal of comparative economics, 35 (1), p.3-34, 2007

  • Determinants and consequences of soft budget constraints:An empirical analysis using enterprise-level data in transition countries Gouret Fabian, Bignebat Céline , Economics of transition, 16 (3), p.503-535, 2008

  • El ingreso básico y sus parientes : El Ingreso Básico Parcial versus el Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) y la Reducción de los Aportes a la Seguridad Social, como formas alternativas de enfrentar la Nueva Cuestión Social Jacquet Laurence, Ph. Van Parijs and C. Salinas , in La Renta Básica en la agenda. Objetivos y posibilidades del ingreso ciudadano , Robert J. van der Veen & Loek Groot & LoVuolo, Ruben eds., Buenos Aires: CIEPP & Barcelona: Red Renta Basica, p.89-142, 2002

  • Basinkomst och dess släktingar, Den nya sociala fragan. Om arbete, inkomst och rättvisa Jacquet Laurence, Ph. Van Parijs and C. Salinas , Nanna Kildal ed., Göteborg, in Daidalos, 2001

  • Measuring the Liquidity Part of Volume Mero Gulten, Darolles S., Le Fol G. , Journal of banking and finance, 50 , p.92-105, 2015

  • Computation of the Quadrivariate and Pentavariate normal cumulative distribution functions Guillaume Tristan, Communications in Statistics – Simulation and Computation, Forthcoming , 2017

  • First exit time from a corridor Guillaume Tristan, International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Statistics, 56 (2), p.64-80, 2017

  • An analytically tractable model for pricing multi-asset options with correlated jump-diffusion equity processes and a two-factor stochastic yield curve Guillaume Tristan, Journal of Applied Mathematics, Article ID 8029750 (18 pages), 2016

  • Computation of the survival probability of Brownian motion with drift in a closed time interval when the absorbing boundary is an affine or an exponential function of time Guillaume Tristan, International Journal of Statistics and Probability, 5 (4), p.119-138, 2016

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