Stefano Bosi

Ancien Membre

THEMA - Université de Cergy-Pontoise
33, boulevard du Port
F-95011 Cergy-Pontoise Cedex

Bureau: B 124
Page perso:
Tel: +33 1 34 25 22 54

Themes de recherche:
Equilibre général dynamique, imperfection du marché du crédit, hétérogénéité des agents


    • Mortality Differential and Growth: What do we Learn From the Barro-Becker Model?, Stefano Bosi, Seegmuller, Thomas, Mathematical Population Studies, 19, p.27-50, 2012

    • Health, Growth and Welfare: A Theoretical Appraisal of the Long-Run Impact of Medical R&D, Stefano Bosi, Laurent, Thierry, Asia-pacific journal of accounting and economics, 18, p.307-332, 2011

    • Optimal immigration policy: when the public good is rival, Stefano Bosi, Iliopoulos, Eleni; Jayet, Hubert, Japanese economic review, 62, p. 460-484, 2011

    • Collaterals and Macroeconomic Volatility, Stefano Bosi, Barbar R., Research in economics, 64, p. 146–161, 2010

    • Multiple Equilibria in a Two-Sector Monetary Economies, Stefano Bosi, Nishimura K., Venditti A., Journal of mathematical economics, 46, p.997–1014, 2010

  • Documents de travail:
  • Livres:
    • Topology for Economics, Stefano Bosi, Nathalie Picard, Magris F., CLUEB, 2006

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